Solar Energy is an industrial reality

  • it produces in Italy, with a highly robotized production line, from 50 Mega per year of production of photovoltaic polycrystalline panels HORUS 220-250P Watt
  • who still believes that human capital is an investment and not just a cost to the company.
  • who believes in a market that demands more and more quality products.
  • knowing that in the near future a photovoltaic system will be convenient not for the received incentive, but for the actual energy that can generate over its useful life then the quality products will be awarded.
  •  that is constantly updated to ensure quality products at competitive prices.
  •  that believes in the network of partnerships with its customers and suppliers insiders.
  • that taking care of the environment now, they will create benefits for future generations.
  •  be a certified company is a guarantee of reliability and security.

Solar Green Energy Srl is the most important Italian manufacturer of photovoltaic panels. Thanks to its official network, presents in all parts of Italy, it is able to satisfy your needs.

Investing in photovoltaic panels today is an interesting opportunity to gain, but only with Solar Green Energy your income is guaranteed

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